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Report your loss as soon as possible so that no one else can take rides or generate charges to your membership. Remember that you are responsible for trips made and probable penalties. Enter your account and click the "Lost Card" button or call +52(222) 242.24.42 where our staff will help you to deactivate your Token. You will have to acquire a duplicate token; this is a personal process and must be done at the Customer Service Center.

In case your Debit/Credit Card expires or is renewed for any reason, you must update the data of your card by accessing the User Zone of this Website.
Remember that in case any extra charges are generated if your card cannot be charged because of any reason, the service will be suspended immediately.

If you acquired your membership directly at our customer service centers you can use the token as you receive it. If you paid through our WEB page, your Token will activated at the time you collect it at our customer service centers.

The Token is personal and non-transferable, so you´re the only person authorized to use it. Remember that the in case of an accident the Insurance Policy will cover only registered members, no one else. If UrbanBici notices the loan of your Token, the service may be suspended.

A red light flashing indicates that the return of your last use was not registered and that the bicycle was wrongly anchored. Therefore, for the system you still have a bicycle in use and you´re not allowed to have a second one. Upon return of a bicycle always make sure that it is properly anchored to the lock of the cyclostation. If the anchorage port presents a problem, try in another one. If the problem persists please contact us at the Call Center +52(222) 242.24.42 or WhatsApp +521(22) or at Facebook: UrbanBici_Mx Twitter @UrbanBici e Instagram: UrbanBici, so that we can help to reestablish the service.

Service Use

If you want to leave a bicycle and the cyclostation is full, you can access the Web, find the "Map" and look for the closest cyclostation with available anchoring ports or contact us to the Call Center +52(222) 242.24.42 or WhatsApp +521(22) or at Facebook: UrbanBici, Twitter: @UrbanBici e Instagram: UrbanBici and our staff will indicate you the nearby stations with available ports. In addition, you will get 10 extra minutes with no charge to reach the nearest cyclostation.

It is possible that at certain times in certain areas, you will not find available bicycles. Please report an empty station at the Call Center +52(222) 242.24.42 or WhatsApp +521(22) or through Social Networks at Facebook: UrbanBici, Twitter: @UrbanBici e Instagram: UrbanBici

You can ride it for a maximum period of 45 minutes per trip. Trips are allowed from 6 in the morning until 12 at night. After 45 minutes of any given trip in case you do not return the bicycle to a cyclostation, you will be charged $ 45.00 pesos for every extra 45 minutes that you get to spend. We have a suggestion if you need rides that take longer than the 45 minute period: Before the expiration of the first period, return the bicycle to any anchor port available on any cyclostation, and then remove it again for another 45 minutes.

The annual membership is automatically renewed if the registered payment method allows the charge of the amount due for renewal. Non-renewable memberships, as the name implies, are not automatically renewed. if you wish to continue with the service, you must go to the UrbanBici offices or communicate your wish through any media to make the corresponding charge and reactivate the Token. In case the renewal is not successful, you have 7 days after the membership expiration date to get to the Customer Service Center. Update your bank information through the Web page, entering your username and password. Enter your bank details securely.

As a user you have the right to withdraw one bike at a time per Membership.

Please notify us at our Call Center +52(222) 242.24.42 or WhatsApp +521(22) or through Social Networks at Facebook: UrbanBici, Twitter: @UrbanBici e Instagram: UrbanBici informing the bicycle number and cyclostation, so we can attend to the anomaly as soon as possible.

When you place the bicycle at any cyclostation the green light should flash 3 times, that means the system has registered the return. Another option is to verify on the web site by login in with your username and password; click on “User Profile” and activate the "Email Notification" finally "Update" the page. From that moment on, you will receive a confirmation email every time that a bike is properly anchored on any cyclostation.


Anyone 16 years old and over without impairments to ride bicycles in thoroughfares can be a member. Parental authorization is required for the registration of members of ages 16 and 17. People with disabilities are not accepted.

Yes. The current UrbanBici membership includes third party liability insurance within limited terms and with precise exclusions indicated in the current insurance policy. Damages intentionally caused with the bicycle will not be covered by any insurance. Damages to your person or your property while riding the bicycle are at your own risk and of your exclusive responsibility even in case of accident. The Insurance Policy is available at www.urbanbici.com/Condiciones

If you have suffered an accident using an UrbanBici bike in the thoroughfares, once you have secured your physical integrity, please proceed to give immediate notice at the Call Center +52(222) 242.24.42 or WhatsApp +521(22) or through Social Networks at FacebookUrbanBici, Twitter: @UrbanBici e Instagram: UrbanBici Or go to our facilities located at Av. 4 Poniente No. 1717, Colonia Barrio de San Matías, Puebla, Puebla, C. P. 72090.
UrbanBici will provide assistance within its responsibility, and notification to the corresponding authorities and to the insurance company. Does not apply to people with disabilities.

To cancel your membership there are 4 options,
Ten (10) days before the expiration date of your membership, you can:

1. Log in to your account and select the option "Cancel Membership".
2. Send an Email to cancelaciones@urbanbici.mx, informing us of your wish to cancel.
3. Personally attend at the Customer Service Office, located at Av. 4 Poniente No. 1717, Colonia Barrio de San Matías, Puebla, Puebla, C.P. 72090.
4. Call us at the Call Center +52(222) 242.24.42.

Remember that the cancellation is immediate, once made you will not be able to use the service again.

As a user, you are responsible for the bicycle from the moment you take it from any cyclostation to the moment you leave it correctly anchored in a cyclostation.

If the bicycle is stolen from you, please notify us immediately by calling the Call Center +52(222) 242.24.42 or WhatsApp +521(22) UrbanBici will require you to declare the facts before the Procuraduría General del Estado de Puebla (Puebla´s State Attorney Office). Please submit the original minutes of your declaration as soon as possible to the Customer Service Office, where our personal staff will evaluate your case and deactivate your Token, if necessary.

No. The Token is only used for the bicycle removal, but it is not used to return it. When returning a bicycle at any cyclostation you must make sure it has been properly anchored. To be sure of it you can confirm via e-mail that you provided us at the time of your registration, and you will receive an email indicating that you returned the bicycle correctly. In case of any incident, you must contact our Call Center +52(222) 242.24.42 or WhatsApp +521(22) or through Social Networks at Facebook: UrbanBici, Twitter: @UrbanBici e Instagram: UrbanBici, where the staff will solve any problem.


The telephone service hours +52(222) 242.24.42 are from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Access our website, on the "Login" section click on "Do you forgot your password?", then another window will open, there you will be asked to enter your email, so you can get a new access password.

In order to ride in the thoroughfare, please be sure to read any riding regulations issued by the City. You will have to ride on the streets as any another vehicle and on the bicycle paths whenever available. It is forbidden to drive on the sidewalk as well as in the opposite direction of any road.